Deep’art currently represents : We Play House presents : Bafana - Jensen - Kiani & his Legion - Krewcial/Krewcial plays Prince - Luv*Jam - Melodymann - Mona Lee - Raĝul - Red D/Red D feat. Lady Linn and/or Gustaph - Satoshi Fumi - Sue Avenue - WLC - Club Belgique - We Play House Recordings label party (feat. Red D, San Soda, FCL, Dynamodyse, Raĝul, Sebastien San, Lemakuhlar live/dj, Outlander live, Kiani & His Legion, Kong & Gratts, Krewcial, Fabrice Lig, Satoshi Fumi, ..) - Techno/techhouse section : Aril Brikha live - Brian Kage - Carlos Nilmmns - Darkrow - Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer live/dj - Far Out Radio Systems - H.I.D. aka Hideo Kobayashi - Horacio Cruz* - Justin Berkovi - Ken Ishii - Mickey Zhang - Misstress Barbara* - Orlando Voorn [* Benelux exclusive in collaboration with Cubbo (ES)]. Feel free to contact us with any kind of question.

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