Deep'art today offers the ideal combination of organisational experience and a relentless musical curiosity.

—Since 2003
Based in Belgium, operates worldwide

About Deep'art

Deep'art is an electronic music artist agency which was founded by Fred DG in 2003. The agency is based in Belgium and operates worldwide. The agency's name was inspired by the title of Aril Brikha's historical album 'Deeparture in Time'.
Fred got involved in the scene while working at R&S Records, touring with Shanks and Ken Ishii, and meeting up with Derrick May, and Juan Atkins. That was back in '96. The same year, Fred started Ghent's student radio and threw his first electronic music party at Vooruit in Ghent, with over 1200 people attending. After finishing his Law studies at Ghent University, he became booking manager at the world-renowned Fuse club (1998-2001) where he regularly invited artists such as Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Hell, Monika Kruse, Stacey Pullen, Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Luke Slater, Bob Sinclar, Basement Jaxx, Derrick May, to name but a very few.
Born of Deep'art
After, he switched to the agency business side of things working with, inter alia, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Kevin Saunderson, Monika Kruse, Deetron, Jack de Marseille, Aril Brikha, while also organizing parties at the infamous Culture Club in Ghent (2001-2003).
Collection of artists
In 2003 he started Deep'art in order to concentrate on a limited amount of quality artists, including Kevin Saunderson, Deetron, Aril Brikha, Agent Orange. More talented artists joined soon: Chris Finke, Fabrice Lig, Becka, Leandro Gamez, and shortly after also old friends Jack de Marseille, Frederik and Kenny Larkin.
2005 saw the birth of the sister agency 5Seasons, representing artists such as Raoul Belmans, Fred Nasen, TiNo, Ortin Cam and more.
In early 2007, 5Seasons merged with Deep'art to become an exclusive agency representing an inspiring variety of techno and house artists. The roster developed itself further every year since. From 2011 on, Deep'art started to handle more and more label stages and label nights in close collaboration with brands such as We Play House, Motech and Token Recordings.
In 2018, Deep’art decided to reshuffle the roster slightly, making it two coherent sections. The one included the pick of the litter of the Belgian house scene, the other one a fine selection of techno and techhouse talents.
Now, in 2023, Deep'art is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Thank you for being a part of Deep'art’s wonderful story!
   Fred DG   

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